Refrigerator repair in Dubai al jaddaf

Is our specialty In fact, we have been providing refrigerator and freezer repair services in Dubai al jaddaf for more than 15 years.

Refrigerator repair in Dubai al jaddaf we understand that no one likes receiving a long bill at the end of a repair, so we keep it simple. We have a one-time labor fee that will cover you for the entire repair (as long as it takes us). You pay for whatever parts you need. We are so confident in our repair that we offer you a six-month warranty at the end of this period.

Brands of refrigerators and freezers we repair

Trusted and approved by the world’s leading manufacturers, here are some of the refrigerator brands we repair every day:

Our refrigeration engineers are on the road ready to attend to your appliances, so we can get you out quickly (same day appointments available)

Common Frozen Refrigerator Disadvantages

Our experience and knowledge of home appliances means that we face a wide range of refrigerator malfunctions and problems on a daily basis. If there’s a malfunction in your refrigerator, we’ve probably come across it before!

Here are some of the most common problems that many of our customers face with their refrigerator when coming to APEX:

Refrigerators and freezers are affected by room temperature

Refrigerator-freezers tend to be resistant, and therefore fail, often when room temperature reaches about 30 degrees. This is particularly the case with most models sold in the UK. One of the main reasons this happens is that the condenser (located at the back of the machine and therefore with less ventilation overall) can’t release heat fast enough. As a rule, the air temperature around the condenser should be about 10 degrees lower than the temperature of the part itself so that the energy with it can be released as heat. If you can’t distribute the heat, it won’t be taken out of the food and therefore won’t cool down.

Refrigerator repair in Dubai al jaddaf

On the other hand, if the temperature is too cold, it can also cause a problem for many people who have refrigerators in outdoor buildings or in places with lower temperatures. When it’s too cold, the sensor(s) can turn off because the environment is cold enough and this may defrost the food. Freezers don’t suffer from this problem as much as they are designed to keep the interior at extremely low temperatures.

Refrigerator and freezer condensation and black mold

In areas where temperatures are lower, there is a greater risk of condensation and black mold. This happens when cold air is attracted to the warm parts of the outer wall of the device. Generally nothing to worry about, but sometimes you may find this formation on door seals resulting in possible deterioration of the cabinet and rust.

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