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HVAC Maintenance in Ajman Your Cooling and AC system works hard to keep you comfortable in winter and summer, and it usually does a pretty good job. But if you ignore the regular Cooling and AC maintenance your system needs to run its best, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll begin to experience the results of that neglect. You may begin to notice that your system isn’t keeping you as comfortable as it used to. Your utility bills may increase. And if you let it go long enough, your system may end up malfunctioning and need repair.

On the other hand, with good preventive maintenance, provided on a regular basis, your Cooling and air conditioning system can give you dependable comfort and worry-free performance for years. At Apex Services, Inc., we offer the preventive HVAC maintenance checkups you need to keep your system running optimally during the Ajman.

Preventative Maintenance Agreement

A well-maintained system will help minimize costly breakdowns, extend equipment life, and keep the unit operating at maximum efficiency. For a period of one year, we agree that we will provide two service calls to the address referenced below, one in the fall/winter and one in the spring/summer. The calls will be for the purpose of maintenance only. If parts are needed, they are not included in this agreement price. However, we do offer a 15% discounts on parts or filters if you remain an active preventative maintenance agreement customer.

Spring/Summer Maintenance Will Include:

  • Clean outdoor unit
  • Test compressor
  • Check refrigerant level
  • Check drain lines
  • Check systems for proper operation
  • Clean coil with non-acidic cleaner
  • Test all electrical
  • Lubricate components if necessary
  • Check thermostat controls
  • Put tablets in drain pan to dissolve algae
  • Check air flow
  • Fall/Winter Maintenance Will Include:
  • Clean and level indoor coil, if accessible
  • Clean burners, if necessary
  • Lubricates components
  • Check duct
  • Check gas valve operation
  • Clean blower assembly, if necessary
  • Clean heat exchanger, if necessary
  • Check air flow
  • Clean main drain and drain pan

The Benefits of Air Conditioning & Cooling Maintenance

As your air conditioner, furnace or heater runs day after day, it’s subjected to a certain degree of wear and tear. This is inevitable. However, to a great extent, the amount of wear and tear the unit or system receives is dependent on the amount of care you give it. Changing the filter as needed and getting the AC checked annually before the cooling season and the furnace or cooling system checked each year before the Cooling season can yield multiple benefits. Some of these benefits follow:

  • More consistent indoor comfort in winter and summer
  • Higher energy efficiency leading to lower utility bills
  • Decreased likelihood of needing more expensive emergency repairs
  • Better indoor air quality through cleaner system operation
  • Optimal system performance: better Cooling, cooling, humidity control
  • Less-frequent repairs resulting in lower repair costs
  • Longer system lifespan, meaning less-frequent replacement costs
  • More dependable system safety leading to greater peace of mind
  • Enjoy Additional Benefits with Our Preventive Maintenance Program

As we’ve already seen, with regular preventive HVAC maintenance, your equipment will use less energy, break down less often and potentially last years longer — all good reasons to opt for one of our Preventive Maintenance Agreements. You’ll receive a variety of additional benefits including priority service whenever you need emergency repairs and a 15 percent discount on standard, non-emergency Cooling or AC repair service. Our Preventive Maintenance Program can be a great way to get on track with regular AC and Cooling maintenance.

Cooling & AC Maintenance from Your Premier Ajman Area HVAC Contractor

Anytime you need HVAC maintenance, call our office, and we’ll schedule your Ajman area’s system checkup with one of our highly skilled Cooling and air conditioning specialists. Once you’ve seen the difference it makes to your system’s performance, you’ll be glad you decided to give your equipment the TLC it needs by calling most dependable HVAC contractor.

We cover all areas in Ajman

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We work in all brands of air conditioners with the provision of original spare parts for the agent

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