Hitachi refrigerator repair if you’re looking for Hitachi refrigerator repair help, look no further!  Our comprehensive Hitachi refrigerator repair guide will explain common problems, give tips, and possibly show you how to fix your device.

  For the home, kitchen and beyond, Hitachi manufactures appliances that homeowners trust.  However, even a trustworthy device requires occasional maintenance or repair.  If you need a Hitachi appliance repaired by an experienced professional, your local hardware assistant can help.

  The refrigerator is not cooling at all.

  Is the refrigerator connected to electricity correctly?

  Check the fuse box for a blown fuse or a faulty circuit breaker.

  The refrigerator is not cooling enough.

  Is the refrigerator placed in direct sunlight?

  Is the temperature set to “cool”?

  Is the food stored a lot?

  Is the door a little open?

  Food freezes in the refrigerator compartment.

  Is the temperature set to “cooler”?

  Do you put food with moisture or vegetables near the cool air vent?  It will be frozen if placed near a cold air vent.

  Dew appears.

  When the ambient humidity is too high, dew may be in the door gasket.  Please wipe it with a dry cloth.

  Is the door tightly closed?

  Does the door open and close often or open for too long?

  The inside smells.

  Do you store scented food without packaging?

  Noisy fridge.

  Make sure the refrigerator is securely attached.

  Is the refrigerator touching the wall?

  Control panel not responding

  Is the “Child Lock” function enabled?

  Is the refrigerator compartment door open?  It works after closing it.

  Is there water or dust on the control panel?

  Do you wear gloves or apply tape?  Touch only one button at a time.