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Leaking Water | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Air Conditioning Repairs in Dubai The most common problem we are asked to fix is ​​water leaks from equipment. The main cause of unit leakage may be that the unit has not been repaired or the condensate pump has failed. This type of repair is almost always done within the first hour on site, making it relatively easy to repair. The condensate pump is a serviceable part and our Dubai engineers keep the van in stock if it needs to be replaced. Call our team today to schedule an on-site technician.

Not Cooling | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai If the unit is on but producing neither cold nor warm air, the air conditioner may be leaking. Air conditioning needs to be checked to find and fix leaks. Before charging the correct amount and type of refrigerant, we can test the pipes and vacuum the system to remove air or moisture. This process takes an average of 4 hours. Call our air conditioner repair team today.

No Power | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai If an appliance seems to be broken and nothing is showing on the wall controller, it’s a good idea to check your main fuse board to make sure it hasn’t tripped. You can also check the electrical disconnect switch located next to the outdoor unit to make sure it is turned on. If these two things look good, you’ll need to visit your local air conditioner technician to diagnose the underlying problem. This is usually an easy fix, but if the system requires parts, we always provide a written quote before proceeding to ensure you don’t receive unexpected repair bills.

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Noisy Unit | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Air Conditioner Repair in Dubai If the outdoor unit is making more noise than usual, the fan motor may need to be replaced same as the indoor unit. The condensate pump that removes moisture from the system can also be the culprit, as it can become noisy if it fails. All of these points to imminent system failure, and early diagnosis and repair is critical to preventing further damage.

Bad Smell | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

The air conditioner circulates the air in the room. As a result, smells and smells can build up on the cooling coil. The system removes moisture from the atmosphere and therefore breeds bacteria that can only be removed with special chemicals. Regular equipment maintenance is a surefire way to eliminate these unpleasant odors.

Not Heating | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

Making sure the controller is set to heat mode might sound like an obvious fix, but it’s the most common diagnosis we make over the phone! If the air conditioner neither heats nor cools, the system may be running low on refrigerant gas, indicating a leak.

If your system has an IR remote, it is recommended to replace the batteries, as the remote usually doesn’t have enough power to send a signal to the device, even if the display looks normal.

Gas Leak | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

The system is pre-charged with refrigerant gas and does not need to be topped up unless there is a leak in the system. Our air conditioning engineers have all the professional equipment to find and fix gas leaks and take the system out of service. This process takes 4 hours without exception.

For critical systems installed in server rooms, we can also rent portable air conditioners to keep your business running during repairs.

Poor Performance

Regular maintenance of your equipment will keep your air conditioner in top shape. If a unit is not serviced, the buildup of dirt can prevent the air conditioner from inhaling and exhaling. This often results in not only performance degradation, but also increased operating costs and system failures. One sure fire sign of a blocked system is ice on the indoor or outdoor unit.

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Leaking Water | Air Conditioning Repair Dubai

The most common problem we are asked to solve is when water is dripping from a unit. The main cause of unit leakage may be that the unit has not been repaired or the condensate pump has failed. This type of repair is almost always done within the first hour on site, making it relatively easy to repair. The condensate pump is a serviceable part and our Dubai engineers keep the van in stock if it needs to be replaced. Call our team today to schedule an on-site technician.

Not Cooling

In the event that the unit turns on however isn’t creating either cool or warm air then the cooling unit could have a gas spill. The aircon framework will require investigating to track down the hole and fix it. We can test the pipework, and vac the framework to eliminate any air or dampness prior to filling it with the right sum and kind of refrigerant. This cycle requires on normal 4 hours finishing. Call our aircon fix group today.

No Power

Whenever the units give off an impression of being dead, and nothing is appearing on the divider regulator it is ideal to check your principle intertwine board to guarantee it has not stumbled. You can likewise check the electrical isolator that will be situated close to the open air unit to guarantee this is in the on position. On the off chance that both these things show up alright, you will require a cooling specialist to go to site to analyze the expected issue. Frequently it is a basic fix however the framework should require parts we will constantly give a composed citation prior to continuing consequently guaranteeing that you don’t get an unforeseen fix bill.

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Boisterous Unit

In the event that the outside unit is making more commotion than expected, it could require a trade fan engine and similarly for the indoor unit the condensate siphon which eliminates dampness from the framework may likewise be to blame as when these begin to bomb they can become uproarious. All of the above point towards an inescapable disappointment of the framework and early analysis and fix are fundamental to forestall further harm.

Terrible stench

Cooling units are recycling the air inside the room. Consequently, scents and smells develop on the cooling loops. The framework is eliminating the dampness from the air, and along these lines, you can have a development of microorganisms that must be taken out with expert synthetic compounds. Having the units routinely adjusted is a certain fire approach to wiping out these awful stenches.

Not cooling

Guaranteeing the regulator is set to cold  mode could seem like an undeniable arrangement yet is the most well-known analysis we make via telephone! In the event that the cooling unit is neither warming nor cooling, the framework likely could be shy of refrigerant gas demonstrating that a hole has happened.

Assuming your framework has an infrared controller; it is insightful to change the batteries as regularly the remote needs more ability to convey the message to the unit in spite of the showcase looking typical.

Gas Leak

The frameworks come pre-accused of refrigerant gas and shouldn’t need a top up except if a hole has happened in the framework. Our cooling engineers have all the expert hardware to empower them to find and fix a gas release and decommission the framework. This interaction constantly requires 4 hours to finish.

For basic frameworks, for example, those introduced in waiter rooms, for instance, we are likewise ready to employ compact climate control systems to keep your association ready during fixes.

Horrible showing

Having the unit consistently adjusted will keep up with the ideal presentation of the cooling framework. Whenever a unit has not been adjusted the development of grime forestalls the cooling framework from ‘breathing’ both in and out. This will regularly bring about horrible showing as well as expanded running expenses and framework disappointments. A definite fire sign that a framework is impeded is the development of ice on either the indoor or outside units. Call our master cooling engineers today.

Cooling installer fixing a climate control system

Our Air Conditioner Repair Service

We comprehend the significance of showing up on location expeditiously when a cooling disappointment influencing the fundamental frameworks has happened, and individuals are depending upon it. We have master, experienced air con fix designs all over Dubai and the Home Counties prepared to fix your frameworks instantly.

We will likewise fix AC units regardless of whether we introduce them. In 2019, 88% of our callouts brought about the fruitful fix of bombed units on our first visit. We additionally offer a year guarantee on each maintenance we attempt.

A large number of the best 500 financial exchange organizations in Dubai have depended upon The Air Conditioning Company for a long time. They realize that we are fit for fixing a defective cooling framework quick, with the base of fight and at cutthroat costs, forestalling what can frequently end up being expensive personal time.

Our Air Conditioning Repair Engineers

Our senior AC fix engineers have long stretches of involvement and embrace ceaseless top to bottom instructional classes given by driving climate control system makers like Daikin, Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, Gree, and Samsung. This inside and out information permits our maintenance designers to rapidly decide the idea of any flaws and fix your separated climate control system.

We convey a wide scope of new parts on our vans, saving our clients time and cash (by fixing the unit there and afterward). Assuming we really want to source a section straightforwardly from the producers, our purchasing power implies that we can guarantee that our clients get the best worth in the most brief conceivable lead time.

Crisis Portable Air Conditioners

Should your unit fall into the awful 11% of units that we can’t fix on our first visit, there is still no compelling reason to stress!

We have a wide scope of convenient AC units that are great for homes, workplaces, and server rooms. Just call our office and our devoted convenient deals and recruit group will actually want to suggest the ideal unit for your room.

Assuming parts are expected for your defective AC unit, we can sort out for a crisis versatile unit to be put in the room until we can arrange the parts and return to fit them. What’s more, you don’t have to stress over shock charges; we will constantly give you a composed citation for endorsement prior to requesting any parts or doing fixes.

Assuming your AC unit is outdated or parts are presently not accessible, we can set up for a crisis versatile unit to be conveyed until such time that we can statement to supplant your old framework.

Cooling unit to fix

The amount does an Aircon Repair Cost?

We analyze most of breakdowns inside the primary hour so it is strange that you will pay more than our underlying call out free charge on the off chance that maintenance. In intriguing occasions when a call out surpasses 60 minutes, extra time is just charged in half-hour increases. In the event that we can’t fix the issue at the main demonstrative visit, for example parts are required, or our specialists require a few hours to do fixes, we will statement to complete fixes at an ensuing visit.

The fundamental expense of a significant cooling fix is, generally, the extra parts themselves. Once in a while, our architects suggest that it could be more savvy to supplant the whole framework, explicitly assuming the unit is extremely old or contains R22 refrigerant gas which was restricted a few years prior and can’t be utilized to re-commission AC frameworks.

It has been our experience that 60% to 70% of forced air system breakdowns that require a call out are avoidable as the shortcomings have been an immediate consequence of unfortunate routine AC support. Had these units been dependent upon normal arranged precaution support by an equipped firm of AC installers, they could never have fizzled in the principal case. Perhaps use us sometime later!

Call our master group now for your crisis fix.

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